An Authentic Commitment To Green Building

As award-winning green builders, we are proud that Legacy is considered industry leaders in sustainable construction and design. From constructing homes for optimal energy performance and increased water efficiency to sourcing local materials for sustainable design, our homes cater to buyers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Peak Performance Green Practices

Efficient site-specific design to create a low energy home translates to an annual reduction of between 10 and 20 Metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of removing two to four cars from the road for each year.

Sustainable Sites – Water Efficiency – Materials & Resources – Indoor Air Quality – Energy & Atmosphere

Appropriate site orientation for solar systems and microclimate.

Reduced site disturbance and erosion during construction through prefab installation.

Permeable paving shaded by trees reduces water runoff and reduces heat absorption.

No air handlers in the garage. Separation walls are well sealed.

Clean burning fireplace and fire pit.

High-quality air filters for forced air systems.

VOC Control. Use of low VOC paints, adhesives, sealants and wood panel products.

Moisture control using “breathable” exterior walls and interior venting. Construction does not support mold growth.

Rainwater harvesting used for landscaping reduces water needs up to 50%.

High-efficiency irrigation systems with smart controllers and drip irrigation.

High-efficiency fixtures include dual flush toilets and tankless water heaters.

High-Quality Shop Fabrication. Components pre-assembled within a controlled environment.

Local Materials. Use of local materials minimizes energy used in their transportation to the job site.

Waste reduction through construction methods, modular design, and on-site recycling.

Durable Construction. Stained concrete, hardwood floors, high-quality window and door systems.

Exterior wall systems performance tested to minimize water and air infiltration.

Sustainable Finishes. Sustainably harvested wood, panel products made of recycled paper, glass agrifiber and cementitious panels.

Efficient HVAC System. Options include electric heat pump or gas fired heating, forced air with tight ducts in conditioned space.

80% reduced energy use through efficient space planning, HVAC, appliances, wall, and roof design.