We have put together a list of our most common questions about our building process. From questions about our green practices to warranty information, Legacy DCS is here to walk you through them every step of the way.

Why do you use spray foam insulation?
The basics on the open cell foam are the product itself is used to create an envelope in the home. It has a reduced airflow and heat reduction aspect that tightens up the house for efficiency. Because the attic itself is included in the envelope, the attic air is circulated with the conditioned air and, therefore, the attic space tends to be about 10 degrees higher or lower in temperature than the living space. This allows the A/C system and duct work that is stored in the attic to also remain cooler. Because of that, the A/C system tends to be smaller as well,” said Sarah Day-Voight with USI Inc.
What are the economic benefits of using LED lights instead of conventional light sources?
LED lights save energy by using up to 90% less power than traditional lighting. By using less power to operate, this saves money on the energy bill. LED’s don’t emit heat like incandescent lamps; thus saving, even more, energy by reducing the operation of HVAC systems. LED’s assist in conserving the environment by not producing as much waste products that enter landfills. They also have an extended life span of 10 times that of fluorescent and 133 times that of incandescent lighting. LED’s are safe for the environment containing no type of gas or chemical and doesn’t emit UV rays. LED’s are also designed to be very durable to withstand shock, vibration or extreme temperature,” said Angela Ryan, LED Lighting Consultant with Lights Fantastic
Why does Legacy DCS commit to education with their builders, and how does that differentiate you from other builders?
The face of the company is educated. Legacy encourages their staff to stay up-to-date with current trends and learning the industry from the industry professionals. Legacy DCS builders can provide the customer with educated answers to their questions and solve problems efficiently “The history of the Master Builder sends all the way back from the periods of Egypt and worlds first civilizations,” said Carrie Brewer, Owner of Legacy DCS.
How can you build my home to ensure good air quality?
Properly design system allowing the right amount of air in the specific locations instead of forcing the air throughout the space which reduces energy through efficient space planning.
How does the warranty work after my house closes?
Legacy DCS offers one year of warranty after the closing of your home. However, different items such as appliances could be warranted for longer if you register your item through the manufacturer.
Does Legacy DCS have standard floorplans and/or can you design a custom floorplan?
We offer standard floorplans within certain square footages that can be slightly changed, and we can also develop a custom floorplan.
How long will it take my home to be complete?
Legacy DCS works with our clients from the beginning. Depending on the home and details, once we finish the architectural floorplans and design selections we can complete most homes in six to eight months.
Are you a production or a custom homebuilder?
Our lifestyle offering serves the development as well as our custom homes. Our lifestyle homes make use of smaller lot spaces, master planned community design all built for efficiency and reduction in size and space. In both style homes, we work closely with the customer to meet their wishes to create a one-of-a-kind home with many design choices.