Our primary focus is customer satisfaction – not just for the moment, but for years to come.  When you contact us with a concern, you should expect us to respond, research the issues thoroughly and communicate with honesty, candor, and a commitment to fulfilling our obligations.

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At Legacy DCS, we believe that customers will do business with whomever provides the best experience. That’s why we always strive to provide the BEST EXPERIENCE possible for partners and customers. 

SUBMIT WARRANTY REQUESTS TO warranty@legacydcs.com
Please include the following:
Phone number
email address
Claim date
Date closed on property
Indicate 90 day request
11 month request
Claim details


1st  Warranty Request can be submitted 90 days after closing

2nd Warranty Request can be submitted 11 months after closing


A home emergency is a problem that requires immediate attention to protect the safety of the occupants of your home or prevent imminent serious damage to your home.  Emergency problems can include a natural gas leak or the failure of your heating or cooling system during times of extreme weather conditions.  In case of a home emergency, first protect yourself and anyone else in your home.  If it is possible to do safely, you should take steps to correct or lessen the effects of the emergency problem.  For example, damage from a water leak can be minimized by turning off the water to a particular fixture or turning off the main water to your home.  You. Should always notify Legacy about an emergency condition with your home.  This even includes situations in which we may have provided a list of local contacts (i.e. a licensed plumber or the natural gas company hotline) for help with such situations.  These numbers can be located on the sticker placed on the inside of the cabinet door under the kitchen sink and on the sub panel of your breaker box.


In recent years, homebuilders and developers have come to understand the importance of continued customer satisfaction as a factor in buying decisions by new customers.  In other words, we understand that other customers are more likely to buy our properties if your experience is met, or exceeded, your expectations for quality, value, and professionalism.  The highest recommendation we can receive is from a satisfied customer.  We are here for you if you have any questions about your home, the performance standards, or the limited warranty stated in your contract.  Simply contact Legacy for help.



Legacy guarantees the following:

1 year warranty period-

Most items after closing. For example, caulking, minor sheet rock cracks, paint touch ups, etc.  are considered homeowners maintenance and not covered under warranty.

2 year warranty period-

Mechanical items inside the walls.  For example, electrical, and HVAC.

10 year warranty period-

Foundation and structural framing.

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